Standeazy Phone and Tablet Stands

Let your smartphone stand on its own two feet

Let your smartphone stand on its own two feet

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Standeazy – let your smartphone stand on its own two feet!

Standeazy is a super-slim, foldable, credit card sized stand for phones and other handheld devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch, Samsung, Nokia and HTC, including the Galaxy Note and Kindle (in fact, at certain angles you can even rest your iPad mini in landscape, great for showing friends videos or photos or for watching TV).

Standeazy Ultra, the metal version, also supports larger devices such as the iPad mini in landscape and portrait mode.
This clever little gadget is an invaluable accessory that fits in a wallet and will convert from a 2D card into a 3D stand allowing you to get hands-free wherever you are! You can use our phone stand anywhere – at home, in the office on your desk, on the train or plane – wherever you want to watch something …

Standeazy simply is the perfect gift for smartphone owners! Gadget dad can proudly show off the Standeazy ultra or polymer mechanism catching up with sports whilst out and about. Families find it great for entertaining the kids in those crucial moments when a bit of quiet is required on the go.

At home, it’s a great companion to ease household chores by allowing you to watch TV or videos wherever you find a flat surface. Standeazy will transform your phone into a bedside clock, make hands-free chatting with FaceTime, Skype or other mobile video apps possible, and is also be very practical as a holder for viewing tutorials or recipes on your hand-held device.

And don’t forget the bathroom! How annoying is it when your phone drops out the pocket during those inevitable visits? With a standeazy in your pocket (or a spare one on the window sill) there are no more issues with resting your phone safely…

The uses are pretty much endless, so the tricky part is to decide which colour to choose… Of course, for those in favour of a metal finish, the Standeazy Ultra is the ultimate stylish option.

If you are after your own bespoke design (Standeazy is perfect as an innovative and quirky exhibition giveaway or corporate gift), please contact us for more details.

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